Math Superstars

Dear Hawley Families:

The Hawley PTA is delighted to continue the Math Superstars enrichment program this year. Math Superstars is a completely voluntary, critical thinking program that gives parents and students the opportunity to work together at home on fun math problems throughout the school year. The program is great for encouraging parent/child teamwork, practicing math skills, learning to approach problem-solving situations, and strengthening the tie between home and school.
  • Every Friday parents can go to the Hawley PTA website and print the next worksheet (see attachment for suggested schedule). The files will be available on the Hawley website soon.
  • Each student has one week to work on the problems and complete as many as possible. Please keep in mind that there will be problems requiring skills that the student may not have mastered. Work together but try to have your child take the lead in developing a solution. If possible, try to have your child describe what steps he/she might take in an effort to solve the problem.
  • The student is responsible for handing in the worksheet by the following Friday. If your child needs more time, that’s fine. The schedule is a suggestion in order to complete the program by early May. Please be sure the student’s name is on the worksheet. All sheets are due by Friday, May 8th.
  • The worksheets have no impact on the students’ grades. To emphasize, participation in this program is completely voluntary.
  • No credit is ever deducted for partially completed sheets, however no credit will be given for missed weeks.
  • A parent volunteer per class will correct the worksheets and send back the sheets the following week. The classroom teacher will send home the corrected sheets in the student’s take home folder.
  • A bulletin board, outside the café, will track the school’s progress.
  • 1st – 4th grade program runs for 25 weeks.
  • Kindergarten program will start mid-January and run for 10 weeks. Please sign up now and a reminder will go out in the newsletter.
  • Students who complete this program are recognized at the End of the Year Assembly.

If your family would like to participate in Math Superstars, please complete the attached registration form and return it to your child’s teacher by Friday, October 11th. The first worksheet can be sent in on Friday, November 1st.

Please contact me with any questions. Have fun working with YOUR MATH SUPERSTAR!                 

Nancy White, Math Superstars Coordinator                                                                
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